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Marshawn Lynch trying to understand British slang is an utter delight

Lynch gets tested on a bit of how’s your father.

Marshawn Lynch is an international treasure, and to that end, he tested himself this week on some British slang.

The Raiders are traveling to London on Oct. 14 to face the Seahawks, so this kind of test might come in handy — depending on how much Lynch wants to interact with the locals.

“This British slang is almost like SAT questions.”

Lynch enjoyed the whole concept of “How’s your father?” being used for sex, which is actually supremely weird when you think about it a little more. It makes no damn sense — and is a little creepy.

That said, we think there are a few missed slang opportunities we would have loved Lynch to be tested on.

  • Chuffed: To be extremely pleased with something.
  • Know his/her onions: Be knowledgable on a topic.
  • Pissed: Drunk.
  • Knackered: Tired.
  • Miffed: Angry.
  • Bent as a nine-quid note: Untrustworthy.
  • Dog’s bollocks: Really great.
  • Snog: Make out.

Honestly, I just want to hear Lynch get tested on “dog’s bollocks”, the rest are fine to skip.