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Here’s Colin Kaepernick in the first ad for Nike’s 30th ’Just Do It’ campaign

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Athletes from every walk of life are featured.

Colin Kaepernick’s released the extended version of his new Nike commercial that evokes the tagline unveiled early in the week “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

The commercial features numerous athletes, some of whom are household names like LeBron James and Serena Williams — but there are also several lesser-known athletes competing at their own levels, and redefining themselves.

Here’s a complete list of the athletes we can identify in the commercial:

  • Nyjah Huston (skateborder)
  • Isiah Bird (wrestler)
  • Eliud Kipchoge (runner)
  • Charlie Jabaley (ironman)
  • Alphonso Davies (soccer)
  • LeBron James (basketball)
  • U.S. Women’s Soccer Team
  • Shaquem Griffin (football)
  • Serena Williams (tennis)

Kaepernick’s monologue reads:

“If people say your dreams are crazy. If they laugh at what they think you can do — good. Stay that way. Because what non-believers fail to understand is that calling a dream crazy is not an insult, it’s a compliment.

Don’t try to be the fastest runner in your school, or the fastest runner in the world — be the fastest ever. Don’t picture yourself wearing OBJ’s jersey, picture OBJ wearing yours. Don’t settle for homecoming queen or linebacker, do both.

Lose 120 pounds and become an Ironman — after beating a brain tumor.

Don’t believe you have to be like anybody, to be somebody. If you’re born a refugee, don’t let it stop you from playing soccer, for the national team — at age 16. Don’t become the best basketball player on the planet. Be bigger than basketball.

Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.

When they talk about the greatest team in the history of the sport, make sure it’s your team. If you only have one hand, don’t just watch football — play it at the highest level.

And if you’re a girl from Compton, don’t just become a tennis player — become the greatest athlete ever. Yeah, that’s more like it.

So don’t ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they’re crazy enough.”