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Sean Payton rolled out the Lombardi Trophy and $225,000 in cash to motivate the Saints

This is one way to get your team amped.

Seattle Seahawks v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Saints coach Sean Payton came up with a unique way to motivate his players before their playoff game against the Eagles on Sunday: Cold hard cash.

This is undoubtedly a cool move and it totally motivated his players, but you’ve got to wonder the mechanics behind all this. Did Sean Payton just roll up to the bank to withdraw $225,000 to use as an example? Where does one just happen across that much cash? Maybe there’s a big jar like a swear jar that reads “motivation money” that people toss a $20 into here or there, for just such an occasion.

Payton brought the cash in a glass box, according to Mark Ingram.

I know that there was probably a Saints intern or assistant tasked with procuring the glass box, but I just like the image of Sean Payton walking around a Michael’s looking at their collection of display cases next to the scrapbooking section and trying to decide which box was right to hold $225,000.

There’s also something delightful about seeing players who make millions each season get excited about $225,000. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of money — it’s just like all of us if we found $100 laying on the ground. Just look at how excited defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins got by it.

“If that don’t get you amped up, I don’t know what will. We’re talking about the trophy and if you saw all that money, you’d get excited, too.”

The man’s not wrong. If someone told me there was $225,000 waiting for me if I could win three football games then I’d totally put on pads... then get crushed on the game’s opening play and watch my team from the hospital — but you BEST believe I’d be rooting for them to win the entire time while doctors told me about the dire condition of my spleen.

Update: Here’s what that pile of cash looked like!