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Shane Lowry had to make a shot out of a landfill at the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship

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What the ...

Shane Lowry hit a shot overnight that you’re likely never going to see again in the world of professional golf — and it had nothing to do with how he hit it.

Lowry was playing in the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship on Wednesday when he went off the course on the fifth hole. Somehow he found himself in the middle of a makeshift landfill, taking a shot amidst discarded outdoor furniture, a crowd-control barricade, and some old tables.

We don’t know precisely what happened here — but we have a theory. The fifth hole at Abu Dhabi rides the perimeter of the course itself.

It’s entirely possible that the course didn’t think anyone would stray so far to the left that they’d get into their landfill — but here we are. I’m sure it’s a huge embarrassment to the course, but honestly I love it. We never, ever get to see landfill shots in golf and I’m all for seeing more.

It should be noted too that Lowry, despite hitting his ball into a junkyard, lit it up by matching the course record and is currently sitting at 10-under.