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Eagles fans are sending strangers money thinking it’s Bears kicker Cody Parkey

This is amazing.

The reaction to Cody Parkey’s missed field goal has been fast and furious every since the “double-doink” became a football moment etched in the annals of history. Some decided to simply thank Parkey, who used to be an Eagle — others went a step further and began Venmoing him money as a thank you.

Naturally would-be entrepreneurs saw an opening and decided to create fake accounts with the kicker’s name, all in the hopes of baiting a few bucks out of people not bothering to check whether it was the real Cody Parkey or not.

And yes, somehow this worked.

I’m not going to clown on these lovable dopes with more dollars than sense. It’s their money — and if sending it to strangers thinking it’s the Bears’ kicker appeals to them, well, more power. Just don’t tell them. Let them be blissfully unaware their funds didn’t go to the real Cody Parkey. There’s something beautiful about people unintentionally paying it forward like this.

I hope @CodyParkay1 enjoys their lunch, paid for by a random.