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Ariana Grande being hit by a hockey puck as a 5-year-old hockey fan is not news I expected to see today

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The story we never knew we needed.

We learned about two more skills Ariana Grande can add to her resume after a news story from 1998 emerged in which a 5-year-old Grande rode the Zamboni at a Florida Panthers game.

Grande was also the first person to be struck by a puck in the Panthers’ new arena, and it happened shortly after she was hit for the first time. The story reads:

“... her mom, Joan Grande-Butera was telling Insider about a game last January when her daughter was hit in the right wrist by an errant Gord Murphy shot when — believe it or not — she was hit again. This time by a puck fired from an unidentified Tampa Bay player.”

Grande saw the re-emergence of the news story and it was great.

This is all great. Now we just need Grande to release an album of hockey tunes in honor of this moment.