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New York Red Bulls are playing a match no one can watch, take photos of, or talk about

So weird ...

The New York Red Bulls were set to play Real Salt Lake on Thursday in a preseason game, then issued a cryptic tweet that has left everyone wondering what the hell is going on.

The way the Red Bulls phrased this makes the events sound as sinister as possible. There’s nothing new about closed-door games, but the idea that there would be no photos, or any information that it existed is just plain weird.

This is compounded by the fact the Red Bulls have removed the game from their website (as have MLS), but Real Salt Lake is still showing the game as scheduled for today on its site.

The answer is probably totally boring, like the team didn’t make their flight or something — but the manner in which the Red Bulls issued their statement led to a Twitter-wide guessing game.

We’ll keep following this weird match in case more information is revealed.