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Nike’s $350 self-lacing sneakers are bricking because of an app problem



Owners of Nike’s $350 Adapt BB self-lacing sneakers were stunned to find out this week that one of their shoes not longer worked. In what’s being described as an “app problem,” a recent update pushed to Android devices is bricking users’ left shoes, rendering them useless through the app.

The Verge explained the problem, and currently there’s no fix for making the left shoe work again.

The issue appears to stem from an early version of the software built into Nike’s sneakers. Some sneakers weren’t shipped with the latest version of the software, and if they don’t receive the update in time, the pairing process with the latest Android app can lead to them locking up.

The iOS version of the app reportedly works fine, and the issue is isolated to Android users. In addition the shoes have not been rendered useless, they can still be tightened using buttons on the sides of the sneakers themselves — but that’s cold comfort for some users.

Deadspin caught up with one owner of the shoes, 17-year-old Michael who was excited to use the shoes because they would be the first pair he could tighten himself, as a result of having cerebral palsy.

Currently there’s no answer from Nike on fixing the issue for users who have had their shoes brick.