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Arkansas softball player hits the Home Run Cycle ... in 4 innings


Hitting the cycle is impressive, but hitting the home run cycle? Well, that’s another thing entirely, a feat that has only been achieved once in professional baseball history, and just one other time in DI softball. Now, what if I told you Arkansas’ Danielle Gibson hit the home run cycle, in four innings.

Gibson kicked things off with a two-run homer, than a three-run, then a grand slam and finished it all off with a solo home run in Arkansas’ 15-3 win over SIU-E on Saturday afternoon.

The Home Run Cycle has only been achieved once in professional baseball, dating back to Tyrone Horne for the (funnily enough) Arkansas Travelers in 1998. It’s never been done in MLB, and a couple of recorded times in NCAA baseball, and just once in softball before Saturday. But nobody, nobody has ever hit the home run cycle this quickly.

Gibson’s final stat line on the day: 4-4, 4 H, 10 RBI, 4 HR.

Not a bad day at the ballpark.