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This dad mic’d up his 4-year-old son playing hockey, and it’s the greatest

Love this so much.

We’ve seen hundreds of players mic’d up over the years in every sport under the sun, but nothing compares to this 4-year-old hockey player.

A dad was curious what his son was thinking when he was on the ice, so he mic’d up his son and recorded the result. It’s simply an incredible look at what goes through the mind of a child, from trying to remember how to skate (“One-two, one-two), to what happens when a 4-year-old gets tired on the ice.

Same, little dude. Same.

I think my favorite part of this whole thing is after he falls we get an internal monologue that I am in dire need of a translation.

“Let me go, you old fat can.
Old paint can.”

That’s not just a weird kid-ism, it’s some existential poetry the likes of which I’ve never heard. Kids — they truly are smarter than all of us.