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Sobble, the newest Pokemon, is also the best sports meme


On National Pokemon Day, Nintendo revealed a set of new lovable starter characters, and the best one is clearly Sobble. Sorry, Scorbunny and Grookey.

The blue tadpole-esque, misery-absorbed blob is cute and relatable like no other. If you think Mudkips are better, well, you’re wrong. Sobble’s mouth droops as its eyes gaze unsustainably wide in a look of sheer horror. Or awe?

Either way Sobble is perfect, and SB Nation is Team Sobble.

We have a few reasons why.

Here’s Sobble at a football game

Here’s Sobble at another football game

Here’s Sobble at a basketball game

Here’s Sobble listening to a song

Here’s Sobble listening to another song

Here’s Sobble singing a song

Here’s Sobble watching a grown former football man run away

And finally, here’s Sobble listening to a story

And the rest of the internet has pictures of Sobble:

We love Sobble, the most 2019 of all Pokemon.