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Tom Thibodeau’s debut on ESPN gave us THIS smile. Help.

The internet had a field day.

Tom Thibodeau made his broadcasting debut on ESPN Wednesday night and it went, well ...

I love this. I love it so damn much, it’s scary. I love it because on the first day of a job you pretty much have one job, and that’s to not look creepy. Thibs failed spectacularly with his frozen smile, unblinking stare and lack of awareness that he was on TV.

Naturally the internet fell in love with the awkwardness, and the results were magical — so now I give you ...

18 things Tom Thibodeau looked like during his awkward, frozen smile.

Jason Bateman in Arrested Development.

A child on picture day.

Willem Dafoe.

Fire Marshall Bill.

The Penguin.

I think he looks a little more like The Joker, though.

Rapid fire time.

  • Tom Thibodeau looks like your uncle who’s REALLY into rollerskating.
  • Tom Thibodeau looks like that guy who hangs out in a Gamestop all day and then a woman walks in.
  • Tom Thibodeau looks like my mom’s ex-boyfriend who told me how hot my mom was in 1976.
  • Tom Thibodeau looks like the dude in the front of class who reminds your professor a quiz was scheduled.
  • Tom Thibodeau look like a stress ball and a toothpaste commercial had a baby.
  • Tom Thibodeau looks like every dude in a porno theater, as drawn by M.A.D. Magazine.
  • Tom Thibodeau looks like three kids in a trench coat who just snuck into an R-rated movie.
  • Tom Thibodeau looks like that one dude on Halloween that you want to skip his house, but he gives out full-size candy bars so you go anyway.
  • Tom Thibodeau looks like a man who really needs to poop, but he’s trying to hide it.
  • Tom Thibodeau looks like a youth pastor.
  • Tom Thibodeau looks like me, when I try to show my teeth while smiling.
  • Tom Thibodeau looks like Tom Thibodeau, who had a really awful night.

Sorry, Tom.