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Yankees’ Zach Britton has changed his name ... to Zack Britton

Get the H out of here!

Divisional Round - Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees - Game Four Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Say goodbye to the man you knew and Zach Britton and say hello to Zack Britton.

This is the kind of monumental change that I just don’t know if I can handle. One day you think you know a dude, the next it’s like he’s an entirely different person with a name pronounced the exact same way.

Well, except for those weirdos who don’t know Zach is pronounced Zach, and instead say “Zatch,” like some kind of monster.

It’s been a weird couple of years for baseball when it comes to name changes. It wasn’t long ago that B.J. Upton became Melvin Upton, in a move that everyone hated — including his wife, who begged him to go back to the man we all knew and loved.

For now, Zack Britton is saying it’s a long story why he had a different name for all these years, but maybe, one day, we’ll get the answers we seek.