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Here are the 55 FCC complaints about Adam Levine’s Super Bowl halftime show nipples

Levine’s ‘vestigial’ nipples led to 55 FCC complaints. LOL

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It’s tough to know whether to laugh or cry that in the year 2019 we still have people dedicated to emailing the FCC when they see something they don’t like on TV, but here we are.

This year there were 94 PAGES of complaints filed regarding what came across viewers’ televisions during the Super Bowl, many of which had to do with the trailer for Us airing early and scaring kids — but that’s not what we’re here to discuss. Today we’re looking at the complaints about Adam Levine’s nipples, which were exposed during the Super Bowl halftime show.

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In total 55 complaints were filed about the nipples. Let’s get to them.

Note: All excerpts were taken directly from the complaints. All misspellings and poor grammar are direct results of the person who submitted the complaint.

Nashville, Tennessee:

“Where is the decency? Are nipples all over my television screen okay, now? I remember when it was an issue during another Super Bowl event.”

Garden City, Michigan:

“I was appalled by CBS allowing the airing of nipples during its TV broadcast”

Barrington, Illinois:

“I am offended and troubled by the actions taken during the Super Bowl half time show. I am stunned that I was forced to see a topless man gyrating and gesticulating during the show. How can it be appropriate that a man expose himself that way during a family program. It is offensive and sexual and I do not believe CBS endorses this type of unannounced nudity”

San Francisco, California:

“Why must America be subjected to the disgusting display of nipples exhibited during the super bowl. It was disgusting and offensive to see nipples flaunted so brazenly!”

San Jacinto, California:

“Any nudity ....any..should br punished equally. This man took his shirt off, and many children were watching this. Because he is a man this makes it ok? No it doesnt equal means equal. He needs to apologize and be fined!”

Suwanee, Georgia:

“I. am very offended I just watched the halftime show and ice on nipples on TV”

Boise, Idaho:

“I want him banned, just like they did Janet.”

San Francisco, California:

“I am appalled to see a naked nipple on the half time show, I thought we got the message across with Miss Jackson that this level of indecency would not be tolerated. Poor taste and sends the wrong message to young children.”

Lakewood, New York:

“Adam Levine showed both his nipplesby taking his shirt completely off. NFL/CBS/Maroon 5 should be met with twice the consequences as those that faced consequences of the 2004 “wardrobe malfunction””

New York, New York:

“Adam Levine, Maroon 5 main performer, took his clothes off and became topless for the last few minutes of the Super Bowl LIII half time show. We hope that FCC will act accordingly as they did following the February 1, 2004, Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime performance. At that time a niple shield was exposed to viewers for less than half a second. Now Mr. Levine’s full torso was in direct view of all viewers for a few minutes.”

Columbus, Ohio:

“In 2004, CBS was fined $550,000 for airing what has become known as the “Nipple Slip”. In 2019, CBS aired Adam Levine removing his shirt exposing both nipples. This must be dealt with in a similar manner, or the double standard must be made public.”

Portland, Maine:

“Double standard! Maroon five took off his shirt, showed BOTH NIPPLES. who will think of the children?”

Buffalo, New York:

“Adam Levine, lead singer for the Maroon 5, took his shirt off, exposing his breasts and nipples. I believe that, when this happened to a woman in 2004, Janet Jackson, a complaint was lodged and CBS was fined $550,000. I would expect the same enforcement here.”

Forrest City, Arkansas:

“Adam Levine exposes his bare chest during the halftime show. I thought this was banned years ago. I am offended.”

Eugene, Oregon:

“I find it offensive to see Adam Levine without his shirt, showing his nipples, during the halftime show.”

Raleigh, North Carolina:

“Janet got fined 1,000,000 and her career was ruined over an accident. Adam Levine willingly shows everything except his crotch that is unacceptable!!!! How do I explain this to my children???”

Indianapolis, Indiana:

“I witnessed the exposure of nipples during the halftime show of the super bowl. My children were watching. If I wanted them exposed to the trash I would let them go hog wild on pornhub. Adam Levine and the NFL need to be punished for such indecency.”

Location unknown:

“It is completely unacceptable for you to allow Adam to show his nipples at the half time show for the super bowl and to fine Janet Jackson! Either fine Adam twice as much or apologize to Janet and reimburse her!!!”

Raleigh, North Carolina:

“During the halftime show, Adam Levine removed his shirt and revealed two nipples. When Janet Jackson revealed only one nipple, CBS was fined $550,000. I imagine you will treat Adam Levine in the same manner and not support double standards.”

Philadelphia, Pennylvania:

“Was deeply offended watching the Super Bowl Halftime show when the lead singer of Maroon 5, took off his shirt! I was horrified that he exposed not one, but both of his nipples! Absolutely indescent !!”

Cambridge, Massachusetts:

“Do we really need to see partial nudity during a Super Bowl halftime show? Does it really need to be Adam Levine? Think of the children! Think of the future of our country! Agggggghhhhhhhhh!”

Louisville, Kentucky:

“I was horrified to see Adam Levine take off his shirt and expose his nipples. It is absolutely not the place for nipples on national tv while children are watching. It is morally reprehensible and I am appalled.”

Mount Sterling, Kentucky:

“Adam Levine removed his shirt and exposed his nipples during the halftime show. If Janet Jackson got banned for a wardrobe malfunction that exposed one nipple, he should be for purposely exposing both of his.”

Grayslake, Illinois:

“Adam Levine showed his nipples during the half time show. It was crude, offensive, and morally repugnant. He should be investigated and CBS should be fined for showing such a corrupt and sinful act. Such a showing was indecent and Adam Levine should not be allowed on broadcast or cable television.”

Thousand Oaks, California:

“This year’s super bowl halftime show featured a shirtless, heavily tattooed man (Adam Levine of Maroon 5) that my entire family and friends found very indecent and unnecessary to watch. In the middle of the early evening, there should not be on television someone bearing that number of tattoos and be construed as acceptable or without controversy. A nipple of a woman is far more acceptable, acceptable and natural than innumerable tattoos covering most of someone’s torso and upper extremities, regardless of how toned or good looking the person is. I consider myself fairly socially liberal and even I thought this was too much, especially for children.”

Fremont, California:

“Hi I am writing because I am upset about the half naked stripper on stage of the halftime show. That was unnecessary and out of line.”

Ogdensburg, New York:

“Deeply shocked by the display of Adam Levine’s nipples during prime time last night. A precedent was set in 2004 concerning exposed nipples and in my view, the display of two nipples, on a man no less is far more egregious! A fine for the broadcaster of this smut is in order to send a message that this behavior will not be tolerated.”

Alexandria, Virginia:

“I was offended when the musician Adam Lavine removed his shirt during this year’s Super Bowl halftime performance. Young children and those with common decency should not have to be exposed to that man’s nipples. That type of content should be limited to the safe harbor hours”

Virginia Beach, Virginia:

“While watching network broadcast TV with my young children, I was forced to turn off the television for fear that Adam Levine would end his performance without any clothes. I had to reach for the remote when his shirt came off (the third item of clothing to be stripped. The slow deliberate, and clearly rehearsed strip show deserves a fine of not only CBS but of the band as well. Given the clearly-sanctioned nature of this wildly-inappropriate stunt, I would hope the FCC will send a message that this must be reserved for cable-only programming. Or perhaps be forced to bear a more mature content rating at very least.”

Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey:

“Nudity in the Super Bowl Halftime show!”

Shawnee, Oklahoma:

“During the Super Bowl halftime show there was a half naked man on TV showing his nipples.”

Irving, Texas:

“Male Nudity. Why Janet Jackson was bad but Adam Lambert shirt off was.”

Saugus, Massachusetts:

“Adam Levine took his shirt off exposing his bare nipples. They were completely uncovered. This is offensive as young children could have seen it and how can we explain to them that people have nipples?!”

West Chester, Pennsylvania:

“It is ridiculous that Janet Jackson was forced to issue an apology, and CBS fined, over the accidental exposure of her nipple at the 2004 halftime show, but Adam Levine took his shirt off for part of his performance at the 2019 halftime show. CBS should be fined. Otherwise it is a complete double standard.”

Matthews, North Carolina:

“During the NFL’s SuperBowl halftime show, Adam Levine chose to purposefully take over his shirt during his performance, exposing his chest area and both nipples to the millions of people watching. His indecent exposure was witnessed by countless untold young children during this family-oriented broadcast. The FCC chose to levy a $550,000 fine against CBS for Janet Jackson’s breast/nipple exposure and the same thing needs to happen in this case, lest you appear to display hypocrisy and double standards.”

Lansing, Michigan:

“If a performer has to be sensored during THE SUPER BOWL, they SHOULD NOT BE PERFORMING to begin with! The rapper was distasteful and disgusting.”

Waianae, Hawaii:

“Adam Levine without a shirt on for part of the Super Bowl halftime show was obscene. No one could possibly believe that had an artistic value. His overtly sexual lyrics combined with being half naked was not just tasteless it was obscene, offensive, and indecent. A flagrant exhibition of his body and sexuality, and that has nothing to do with sports.”

Unknown location:

“The singer at the half time show pulled his shirt off and showed his nipples. Why was nothing done? When Janet Jackson showed her nipple, the F C C had a shitfest. Fine Adam Levine for him exposing his nipple and for horrible singing. FUCK The FCC.”

Dallas, Texas:

“Seeing Adam Levine’s nipples was repulsive. Also the fact that there hasn’t been an immediate backlash like the Janet Jackson incident is disturbing and sexist”

Raleigh, NC:

“I saw two naked nipples on Adam Levine’s chest after he removed his shirt. I was offended. Naked nipples should not be shown during primetime broadcasts.”

Mobile, Alabama:

“Disgusting display of male nudity on TV last night. The singer should be ashamed, CBS should be ashamed, and the NFL should be ashamed. Janet Jackson was punished when she bared her breasts at the Super Bowl, I expect this half-naked man and the people that allowed it on primetime to be punished, too!”

Unknown, California:

“Why was Adam Levine allowed to take off his shirt and display his half - naked body to all the viewers during a family event? Where are you policying this! Why were rappers allowed to use FOUL LANGUAGE during their performance??”

San Antonio, Texas:

“It is unacceptable for Adam Levine to take his shirt off on television. Football should be family friendly and a man half naked is highly offensive.”

Unknown location:

“Shame on you! Shame on your whole sexists country! A breast Is a breast. Janet Jackson got a fine for unintentionally showing one of her breast. But maroon 5 can stand half naked!!! This is outrageous!!”

Concord, Califonia:

“I had to see some tattooed guys nipples on TV with my family. It was not right. How come when a black woman does it it isn’t for the family but it’s okay if some tattooed white guy does it it’s okay? Janet Jackson should be issued a formal apology and Adam Levin should issue a formal apology for showing his nipples and horrible tattoo choices on live television.”

New Orleans, Louisiana:

“On Sunday Feb. 3, 2019 during the halftime show for the NFL Super Bowl my family and I was offended by the nude chest of Maroon 5’s lead singer. It was totally not called for or needed. We are asking for him to be fined with an public apology.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

“Performer, Adam Levine, was shirtless on national television, for an elongated period of time. Viacom was levied a fine in 2004 for performer, Janet Jackson, appearing shirtless. We are seeking an equitable punishment. Also, please refer us to the FCC rules for broadcast decency, and, specifically, topless acts.”

Macedon, New York:

“It is extremely distasteful for Adam Levine of Maroon 5 to display vestigial male nipples on live television where any child can see these evolutionary leftovers. If the FCC punished Janet Jackson for showing her functioning nipples in 2004, they must immediately fine Adam Levine for displaying his vestigial nipples. The fine should also be doubled as Levine displayed double the nipple.”

Phoenix, Arizona:

“I am insulted by the exposure of Adam Levine’s nipples during the Super Bowl half time show. Not because I am offended by the sight of another human’s nipples, but because of the hypocrisy that it did not spark an immediate apology from CBS. I thought we were trying to get past treating men and women differently in this country. CBS should immediately apologize and be fined.”

Newark, Delaware:

“I have a real problem with Adam Levine removing his shirt on the Superbowl half time show. I feel something needs to be done about this and all the double standards we are facing in these times. Janet Jackson was chastised for what happened to her in a past half time show and her incident was an accident.”

Weymouth, Massachusetts:

“Hope you fine Adam Levine from Maroon 5 double what you fined Janet Jackson. she only showed 1 nipple, not both like he did. Stop discrimination since you obviously have not taken part of free the nipple.”

New York, New York:

“During the Superbowl half-time show, I think it was the Maroon 5 lead singer, Adam Levine, who took off his shirt, and I found this to be a indecent exposure of male nipple during what is billed as a familythemed event. There should have been a warning or they should have blurred that.”

Lexington, Kentucky:

“I think it’s HORRIBLE that my children or anyone’s child should have to witness indecent exposure during the Super Bowl Halftime! Adam Levine should be fined and needs to issue a public apology IMMEDIATELY!

The same course of action that was taken against Janet Jackson needs to be taken against Adam Levine of Maroon 5!”

Cramerton, North Carolina:

“During the Half-time show of the NFL Super Bowl performer Adam Levine removed his clothing revealing his bare chest including nipples. A network was previously fined by your board for another performer also showing bare chest. Male or female, the rule/law should apply. I urge that equal or greater action be taken for this equally indecent act.”

Marina Del Ray, California:

“I am writing to lodge a formal complaint for Adam Levine exposing his nipples during the Superbowl half time show. I am still very offended that he exposed himself to myself and the children that were present during the half time show. Nipples are nipples and if women are not allowed to show them on television, neither is Adam Levine!”