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This hilarious 2K League fight will remind you of fighting over video games as a kid

The music! The cut to commercial!

The last thing I expected to wake up to this morning was fight video from a game in the 2K League, but here we are.

Things got heated between “Rando” and “oFAB” during the postgame handshake. oFab didn’t extend his hand, Rando made contact with him, they exchange words and then it’s on. The way the music picks up towards the end and they cut to commercial was probably unintended, but it’s delightful nonetheless.

This was a pretty embarrassing loss for Celtics Crossover. They just lost to an expansion team in the first week of the season — so you can understand why they were angry. Also, I’m not going to church this up anymore. We’ve all fought over video games and it’s dumb every single time.

In the seventh grade, I punched my friend Patrick in the arm so hard he had to take an hour-long break during a slumber party because he absolutely refused to adhere to the ironclad “No Oddjob” rule in Goldeneye. Everyone knows you can’t pick Oddjob. It’s basically a multi-player cheat code. Not only was Obbjob an unnaturally smaller target, but if you destroyed a crate and crouched in its place, it would respawn around Oddjob making him impossible to find.

Patrick deserved it.