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The only explanation for this James Harden flop was that he was punched in the throat by a ghost

The truth is out there.

After watching video of this James Harden flip over 100 times there is only one reasonable conclusion ... paranormal activity.

Working against Joe Ingles on Saturday night, Harden was blown by before clutching his throat in agony. Many are writing this off as a rudimentary flop, but I believe there are far more sinister forces at play.

This is either the work of a ghost or a spectral Sith — both with the aim of throwing Harden off his game. It’s difficult to tell from this grainy video, but I’m inclined to believe this was the work of a ghost, rather than a Sith, even considering the fact that Harden makes the classic “I’m being choked by a Sith” gesture.

After extensive research on the topic if “Salt Lake City ghosts,” I’m led to believe, based on the modus operandi of this apparition that it could be the work of “Richard,” an usher at the Captiol Theater who died in 1947. A former employee said that the spirit “wanted him out of the building,” and used techniques eerily similar to what Harden experienced on Saturday night.

At one point he was “attacked” by the black shadows. “It felt just like I got a punch in the chest. Literally, I could not talk,” he said. “Whatever it was, it had the power to shut me up.”

A punching ghost wanting visitors out and looking to disrupt performances? Sounds a lot like something Harden ran into. Also, if you’re saying to yourself “that was at a theater, not the arena — this is dumb” well I have something stunning for you to see.

A half mile. Easy enough for a ghost to float over, punch Harden in the throat and make it back in time for the curtain call. It all makes sense now.