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This baseball field is closed after it was set on fire with gasoline to ‘dry the field’

Who knew this wouldn’t work?

A curious decision was made in the town of Ridgefield, Connecticut, over the weekend, and now it’s unclear when a baseball field will be usable again.

This is the kind of on-the-fly decision that comes when a group of people try to solve a problem they have no knowledge of how to solve. I have to imagine the only basis for covering a field in gas and setting it on fire to dry it is “fire is water’s enemy.”

Just in case you’re thinking this is fake — think again.

Now, obviously you can’t just cover something with gasoline, light it on fire, and expect there won’t be any repercussions. The soil has been contaminated now, and the city will be forced to rebuild the field.

So because some dopes decided they couldn’t wait a couple of days for the field to dry out, now it’s closed for a week while the soil is tested and replaced to make sure the gasoline isn’t harmful to anyone who wants to use the field. Bravo, citizens of Ridgefield — excellent thinking.

To be fair to fine people of Ridgefield, this isn’t the first time this has happened either. THIS MONTH a baseball coach in Utah tried to do the same thing — and got put on administrative leave for his efforts.