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The only explanation for Steph Curry missing that dunk is the ghost orphans of the Spaghetti Warehouse

Their motive is clear.

Some things in sports are impossible to explain away with logic or reason — like this.

How does Steph Curry miss a wide open dunk in at a crucial moment in Houston with everything on the line? Tiredness? A lapse in concentration? All possible — but there’s one thing that might explain this moment even better ... ghosts. Paranormal phenomena is the best justification for a mistake this bad, and I have an inkling who might have done it.

The Ghost Orphans of the Spaghetti Warehouse.

A pillar of Houston since 1972, Italian restaurant Spaghetti Warehouse was known as much for its ghosts as its food. One of the most-common ghosts stories in the area is that of the “Prankster Orphans,” who allegedly haunted a floor of the building — untying people’s shoelaces and laughing.

People have said that small spirit orbs are floating around the building, marking the existence of the orphans. The location is just 1.3 miles from the Toyota Center too, making it wholly possible the ghosts left their home and traveled down to the arena to goof on Steph.

The Spaghetti Warehouse was forced to close following Hurricane Harvey, and will soon re-open in a new location as “Warehouse 72.” That might seen like an unneeded footnote, but wait for it ...

The old Spaghetti Warehouse location, the one haunted by the Prankster Orphans, was sold to multi-national real estate corporation JLL. JLL plans to tear down the building and build a restaurant and bar in its place. It’s safe to say the orphans probably aren’t happy with their building being torn down, and obviously wanted to make a statement.

JLL wrote a blog in 2018 about the virtues of investing in California, saying:

“The Golden State has been at the forefront of the green movement for years, taking advantage of plentiful sunshine and the need for more power as its population continues to grow.”

The ghosts orphans, knowing their beloved restaurant was about to be taken away, traveled down the street to haunt the game. By messing with Steph they took part in the basketball equivalent of untying his shoelaces mid-dunk, causing him to miss and become the butt of the internet’s jokes on Sunday morning.

Now it all makes sense.