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Zion Williamson threw a football the length of a hotel like it was no big deal

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What the ...

We have a few months before we get to see Zion Williamson play in the NBA and get more inevitable highlights of him, so we can let this tide us over.

There’s a lot to take in here, I know. The fact Williamson looks so casual is utterly mind blowing considering he sent this ball into the sun, but after digging a little deeper I believe there’s some important info we’re missing.

There’s no evidence on exactly which beach this is, but it looks a lot like North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina — which makes sense for him. Now, if this is true we can see a large hotel. The most likely candidate is the Avista Resort.

The Avista is roughly 150 feet wide, according to Google. Williamson starts his throw from behind the hotel and the ball ends up beyond it — which already makes this a 50-plus-yard bomb. I think it’s safe to say the actual throw was closer to 70-80 yards.

Based on the sand pattern at the top of the video it looks like Williamson two-stepped into the throw. Just think about that for a second. He only needed two steps to conceivably launch a pass 80 yards. Look back on any NFL Hail Mary from the last several years. In almost every case you’ll see a quarterback take three, even four steps to get that kind of distance — and they’ll be putting absolutely every ounce of power into the throw.

Williamson did this without breaking a sweat. He is a marvel.