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Rangers Vs. Yankees, ALCS Game 4: A.J. Burnett Struggles In Third, Allows Two

Perhaps the bliss could only last so long. After spinning a flawless first two innings, A.J. Burnett reverted to the A.J. Burnett everyone was fearing would show up in the third. He walked David Murphy to start off, and uncorked a wild pitch and beaned Bengie Molina when Molina was squaring around to bunt. That put two runners on, and they were both able to advance on sac bunt by Mitch Moreland.

Elvis Andrus came up next and bounced a grounder to score Murphy from third, tying the game. And with two down, Michael Young chopped a swinging bunt past the mound, and Alex Rodriguez wasn't able to come up with a throw. That infield single scored a second run, and it's now 2-1 Rangers going into the bottom of the third.

Burnett threw 18 pitches in the inning.