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VIDEO: A Texas Reporter Visits San Francisco For The World Series, Where They're All 'Smokin Weed'

"We are truly in San Francisco. I'm standing here like (sniffs), that's not cigarettes... That's weed. That's weed!" That's a reporter named Newy Scruggs, flown into San Francisco for the World Series. And as his anchor muses from the studio, "It's a little more liberal there, maybe."

Things only get better from there, but it's less the sneering disapproval you might see from, say, a curmudgeonly Sports Illustrated reporter, and more a group of outsiders genuinely marveling at a faraway land. Kind of great. 

"People are nice here," he continues. "We're not in New York. This is San Francisco. People are smokin' weed over there! They don't care. They want to see their team win, but they're all half-buzzed out. ... They're nice people."

"They look like fun people," says the anchor.

And they do. And then they start talking about how beautiful the stadium is, how people will just smoke weed if they can't get tickets, and then... wait, why aren't we all living in San Francisco?

In case the video above doesn't work... Here's the report in full size:

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