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2010 MLB Playoffs: What Can Go Right (And Wrong) For The Giants

As part of our MLB Postseason coverage, Grant Brisbee from SB Nation's San Francisco Giants blog, McCovey Chronicles, examines why the Giants, N.L. West champions, will beat the Braves in the NLDS. And then details why they'll lose.

Why they will win:

Pitching. The Giants had a team ERA of 1.78 in September, with 234 strikeouts in 232 innings. It was as if vintage Pedro Martinez pitched every inning for every Giants game in September. In retrospect, it's almost ridiculous that the Giants didn't do better than 18-8 in September.

Why they will lose:

Because they're cursed. Oh, keep spinning that Curse of the Billy Goat yarn, national media. Keep thinking the Cubs have a monopoly on dejected. Every Giants fan from every generation can pull a name from a holster to make another Giants fan twitch. Candy Maldonado. Jose Cruz, Jr. Sidney Ponson. This could go on for days. No city in baseball has gone longer without a World Series parade. Well, except Cleveland. But they don't really count because it's inconvenient for the purposes of this paragraph.