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Giants Vs. Braves, NLDS Game 2: Rick Ankiel Launches Homer Into The Cove As Braves Take Lead In 11th

First, Kyle Farnsworth escaped a difficult jam in the bottom of the tenth when he got Buster Posey to hit into a bases loaded double play. Then, the Braves only built on their momentum. Facing Ramon Ramirez with one out in the 11th, Rick Ankiel worked a 2-2 count and launched a fastball over the plate deep beyond the right field fence and into McCovey Cove for a go-ahead home run.

Ankiel joins Barry Bonds as the only players ever to reach the cove in the playoffs.

The Atlanta dugout erupted, and as Ankiel began his trot he pointed to his teammates. The next two batters would get out, but after facing death just minutes earlier, the Braves are now three outs away from going home with the series evened up.