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Sparky Anderson Death Draws Broad Response

News of Sparky Anderson's death has spread quickly, and people from all over the game are deeply saddened by the news. A select few reactions are shown below.

Sean McAdam:

RIP to Sparky Anderson, a great manager and occasional master of malaprop. Fave Boston restaurant? That would be "Lethal Seafood.''

Pete Abraham:

Sparky Anderson, for no good reason, couldn't have been nicer to me when I was kid sent to cover a game. Never forgot that.

Jon Heyman:

so sorry to hear sparky anderson has died. managed some of best teams ever. he was one of the best ever, too.

Jon Morosi:

So sad to see the news. Sparky Anderson has passed away. An icon of the game. May he rest in peace.

It continues in that vein, as no one who ever interacted with Sparky Anderson has a bad word to say about the man. He would frequently recite the words his own father once said to him: "Being nice to people is the only thing in life that will never cost you a dime. Treat them nice and they’ll treat you the same." Anderson lived a warm, happy life, and was thus able to develop warm relationships with countless number of people.

It's worth noting that, while Anderson's dementia and death seemed sudden to the public, there were signs that something was wrong before. Says Tommy Lasorda about seeing Anderson at the annual Hall of Fame dinner in August:

"He looked bad," Lasorda said. "He was really down. He was very sickly, and we had to take him off the stage. And then I called him about 10 days ago because I was thinking about him. We spoke, but I didn't want to speak too long because he sounded exhausted, you know? We talked for maybe eight or 10 minutes, and he thanked me for thinking of him, and that was it."