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Joe Morgan Done With Sunday Night Baseball; Nothing Solved

After more than two decades of the same voices and the same styles of analysis, ESPN has shaken up its Sunday Night Baseball programming by splitting Joe Morgan and Jon Miller. Miller - who serves as the regular play-by-play voice of the Giants - has been asked if he wants to switch to radio work, while Morgan won't have his contract renewed.


It's big news among internet circles, and, naturally, one's first thought is of the now-defunct blog Fire Joe Morgan, which frequently took the announcer to task for his reliable and various inaccuracies, misstatements, and shoddy analysis. This is being treated by many as a major win. 'Joe Morgan' is fourth on Twitter's trending topics as of this writing, and it's because so many people are ecstatic to see that he's been dismissed.


But it's important for these people to keep one thing in mind - Joe Morgan isn't the enemy. Joe Morgan may be the enemy's most visible representative, but remember that FJM didn't only rip Morgan's words to pieces. It ripped to pieces the words of countless other athletes and writers as well, and it is this rampant anti-intellectualism - not an aging Hall of Fame second baseman - that stands as the true evil. An evil that lives and breathes to this day.


Losing Morgan's a positive step. But it's only a step. One step along a path that often doesn't seem to have an end.