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2010 AL Gold Glove Winners: Ichiro, Derek Jeter Take Home Awards

Just about right on schedule, the 2010 AL Rawlings Gold Glove Award winners have been announced, and there are few surprises to those who are familiar how these things usually go. By position:

P: Mark Buehrle
C: Joe Mauer
1B: Mark Teixeira
2B: Robinson Cano
SS: Derek Jeter
3B: Evan Longoria
OF: Ichiro Suzuki
OF: Carl Crawford
OF: Franklin Gutierrez

Ichiro has won his tenth consecutive Gold Glove - and tenth in ten years - which is the longest-running streak in baseball. Torii Hunter had been riding a streak of nine in a row, but he fell short this season.

Jeter won for the fifth time, while Teixeira won for the fourth. Mauer won his third in a row, while Buehrle and Longoria won their second. Cano, Crawford, and Gutierrez are each first-time winners.

Jeter, naturally, stands out, here, as his defense has long been the target of criticism. There are almost certainly superior defensive shortstops in the league, as it's unlikely that a 36 year old Jeter beats them all. However, this really isn't that bad of a list. Ichiro, Crawford, and Gutierrez are each spectacular in the outfield. Longoria isn't quite Adrian Beltre, but he's no slouch. Cano got a boost from his bat, as often happens, but he isn't a problem, and both Mauer and Teixeira are very able in the field.

Few will be happy, some will be outraged, and many won't care. It's the same every November. The NL Gold Glove winners will be announced Wednesday afternoon.