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Francisco Rodriguez Pleads Guilty To Assault Of Girlfriend's Father

It's not the end to the saga, but it's a step along the way - Francisco Rodriguez will plead guilty to assault after repeatedly punching the father of his girlfriend.

On August 11, Rodriguez pinned the man - Carlos Pena - against a wall inside Citi Field in front of other players' families and punched him multiple times, injuring his own thumb in the process. As a penalty, Rodriguez will be ordered to attend anger management, although he will almost certainly not have to serve any time in prison.

Rodriguez will return as the Mets' closer in 2011, but he's still got some legal issues ahead of him, including a lawsuit from Pena himself, who suffered injuries to his upper body. During the first trial, it was additionally revealed that Rodriguez once beat up his girlfriend and sent her to the hospital, and given all of this history, Rodriguez is likely to get an icy reception whenever he steps onto the field.