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Jayson Werth Signs With Nationals For Seven Years, $126 Million

Jayson Werth's deal with the Washington Nationals is now more than close.

Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman tweets that Werth and the Nationals is done, and worth $126 million over seven years.

That's a huge deal, much bigger than Jason Bay's contract with the Mets, thought to be one of the frameworks for any deal Werth and his agent Scott Boras would negotiate this offseason. It's also a ton of money to give to a 31-year-old outfielder, and one that tacks on an extra year to the six-year deal Werth was seeking and considered unlikely to get.

There's no breakdown of what Werth will earn when, but averaging $126 million out over seven years would give Werth a cool $18 million/year from now until he turns 38 in 2017. That's a great contract from his perspective — unless, of course, he wanted to win right away.

From the Nationals' perspective, it's a big risk. Werth will have to keep slugging and stay healthy to even come close to performing at a level commensurate with this deal.