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Jayson Werth Contract With Nationals Angers Rest Of League

Sunday afternoon, Jayson Werth signed a seven-year contract with the Nationals that caught most everyone by surprise. It's a big moment for the Nationals and their fans, who aren't accustomed to seeing the team make that kind of commitment to an elite-level player. However, the rest of the league is less than thrilled.

A selection of tweets from Buster Olney:

The werth contract has stunned people in the game, because of it's magnitude

The Werth contract has had an impact of an 8.0 earthquake. Rival gms, execs are going nuts about the terms.

Last contract that generated this kind of vitriol was Kevin brown deal

The reason other teams aren't happy is that, if Jayson Werth can get seven guaranteed years and $126 million, guys like Cliff Lee, Carl Crawford, and Adrian Beltre can up their demands as well. This offseason had already seen a fair bit of inflation in the market, but Werth's is the wildest contract yet, and it's caught a lot of front offices off guard. Suddenly, the players have more leverage.