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Michael Young Trade Rumors Include Rockies

On an otherwise fairly slow Tuesday at the Winter Meetings, we were greeted late by the emergence of some Michael Young trade rumors coming out of Texas. Team president Nolan Ryan predictably shot them down, saying that the Rangers were listening but were by no means shopping their third baseman, but now there are reports that something could be in the works.

According to Evan Grant, the Rangers are currently involved in discussions with the Colorado Rockies. The discussions are centered around sending Young to Denver, where he would fill some as yet undetermined role in an infield that's recently added both Jose Lopez and Ty Wigginton. Young is under contract for another three seasons and $48 million, and the Rangers would presumably have to eat some money in a trade, but they could still come away with some savings.

And, says Grant, those savings could be put towards signing free agent Adrian Beltre to a long-term contract. Beltre is available and looking for suitors, and looks like a fit for the Angels, but the Rangers would love to have him and Beltre would certainly be interested in playing for a competitive team in a hitter-friendly ballpark.

Stay tuned. Right now, things are only in the talking stages, and no deal is imminent, but there's a chance this could come together real quick.