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Michael Young Still Being Discussed As Trade Candidate

Seemingly out of nowhere, Michael Young trade rumors popped up late on Tuesday. Those rumors were shot down when a source said the Rangers had told Young he wouldn't be traded. However, Jon Morosi reports that discussions are still going strong.

The Rangers, Morosi says, are sending teams mixed messages regarding their intent. Despite the report that they told Young he wasn't going anywhere, the team has continued to talk with interested ballclubs, with the Rockies standing out as the most likely of the options. The Rockies would use Young at second base, where he hasn't played regularly since 2003.

Young has a limited no-trade clause that lets him decline a trade to all but eight teams. The Rockies are among those select eight, as are the Angels.

The reason the Rangers would be open to trading Young is because he's under contract for another three seasons at $16 million each, and the 34-year-old is an unsteady defensive player set to decline at the plate.