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Alfredo Simon Says Fatal Shooting Was An Accident

Orioles reliever Alfredo Simon is currently under investigation in the Dominican Republic for his role in a New Year's Eve fatal shooting. And now, via Dan Connolly, we get some more details.

According to Simon, what happened wasn't the result of a dispute, and the pitcher says that the victim - 25-year-old Michael Esteban Castillo Almonte - was a friend of his, "like a brother." Simon's attorney says that the pitcher fired his gun into the air and that the bullets were flying for so long that Simon actually left the scene. It was only 45 minutes later, when Simon was eating dinner, that someone told him what had happened, and that he had killed Castillo.

It's unclear whether any other people fired their guns into the air, and as such it's unclear whether Simon's bullets were the ones responsible for killing Castillo and injuring his brother. With that said, the assistant D.A. said “so far [Simon]'s the one. There's no doubt about the incident."

The local D.A. will reportedly seek a three-month incarceration. Simon and his legal team - bankrolled by Miguel Tejada - will fight the charges.