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Alfredo Simon To Be Held Without Bail Until Shooting Case Goes To Trial

Orioles reliever Alfredo Simon was involved in the fatal shooting of another man on New Year's Eve in the Dominican Republic. On Monday he turned himself and his gun in to police, insisting that the whole thing was an accident. He was arraigned Monday evening, and, says Dionisio Soldevila:

Orioles' Alfredo Simon held without bail for one-year, until the case goes to trial. His lawyers say they will appeal decision.

According to the ruling, Simon will remain in a Dominican prison until the investigation is completed and his case proceeds to trial. However, he doesn't just have regular lawyers - he has a powerful legal team being bankrolled by Miguel Tejada, and they're prepared to fight this decision.

Simon reportedly fired two bullets into the air on New Year's Eve and then left the area. The bullets later returned, killing 25-year-old Michael Esteban Castillo Almonte and wounding his 17-year-old brother. It seems clear that Simon didn't intend to hurt anyone, but this case isn't about the intent.