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Albert Pujols Offered Eight-Year Contract By Cardinals, According To Report

The Albert Pujols countdown clock tells us that there are fewer than 20 hours to go until the noon Wednesday deadline for contract negotiations. The two sides have recently been described as far apart, but with the final hours slipping away we'd expect the Cardinals to give a little bit, and sure enough, from Jon Heyman:

cardinals offer pujols 8-year deal. still very little hope for agreement by wednesday deadline.

Speculation is that the eight-year contract offer is worth under $240 million, total. That figure can't be confirmed, and Pujols probably isn't going to take it, but it's the biggest offer the Cardinals have made to date, suggesting that an agreement may actually be reached before Pujols reports to camp. If nothing else, the odds are at least a little better now than they were a few hours ago before word of this offer had leaked.

Heyman also reported that, at one point, Pujols' side approached the Cardinals about being given a part of the team before that was deemed too complicated. That certainly would've added another level to all this, but it appears we won't have to worry about it.

So anyway, the Cardinals are reportedly up to eight years, having budged from their previous line of six or seven. Pujols is reportedly seeking ten. Stay tuned - one way or another, we'll have a resolution here before long.