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Albert Pujols Contract Offer Report May Not Be Accurate

Earlier Tuesday evening, it was reported that the Cardinals had offered Albert Pujols an eight-year contract, with speculation being that the total value was somewhere under $240 million. It didn't seem like an offer that Pujols would take, but it did seem like an indication that the Cardinals might ultimately give in to his demands before the Wednesday deadline.

The only problem? The Cardinals may not have made such an offer after all. Says Yahoo!'s Tim Brown:

Source close to Pujols camp: Reports of a Cardinals offer today to Pujols is, "inaccurate, reckless and outrageous."

Both Brown and Jon Heyman are well-sourced and well-respected, but Brown's source sure sounds vehement and convincing about the whole thing. So we're left not knowing for sure, but leaning towards no offer having been made.

This is what happens when both parties swear to keep negotiations private.

Whatever's going on, this much we know for sure: Albert Pujols and the Cardinals have yet to agree to terms on a contract extension, and the negotiations deadline is coming up fast.