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After Big 2010, Jays' Jose Bautista Scores Big Contract

So what does one big season get you?

If you're Jose Bautista, apparently it gets you $65 million, as that's reportedly the figure in Bautista's new five-year contract.

Is he worth it, though? More after the jump ...

Roughly speaking? Yeah, he's worth it. As Dave Cameron writes, Bautista doesn't have to be great (again) to merit that kind of money. He just has to be pretty good. Cameron's only problem with the deal -- and it's my problem, too -- is that Bautista's not eligible for free agency until after this season. The Blue Jays could have watched him play this season, then tried to lock him up next winter after seeing just how fluky those 54 home runs really were.

Of course, it's usually a lot easier to lock up a player when you've already got him locked up. And maybe we should assume the Blue Jays know more about Bautista than we do. There is some risk here, though.