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Breaking News: Baseball Manager No Fan Of Twitter

John Farrell, the Blue Jays' new manager, said some silly things about Twitter yesterday:

"My own opinion is that for a player to get involved in that, they set themselves up for another distraction," the Toronto Blue Jays manager said Tuesday. "I can’t mandate anything to them, but [would] probably advise them to just let it be."


"We’re not going to say they can’t do it. But I think they’ve got to be careful. If they’re going to engage in it, then they really need to be able to follow through on some of the things that might be put out there.

Gee, alarmist much? Aaron Gleeman really nails this one:

He’s right about the impostors, of course, but professional athletes can easily have their accounts verified by Twitter to remove any doubt about their identity. As for needing to be careful what players post on Twitter, that’s certainly true. However, it’s also true about what they say during radio interviews or how they look when fans stop them at a bar to snap a picture, or any number of other situations in which using good judgment is important for a public figure. Twitter is no different, it’s just newer.

Farrell comes across as an old man when he says stuff like this, but that's okay; young players see their managers as old men anyway. But all these young players have grown up with the Internet and social networking, and there's simply no way to put that genie back in the bottle.