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Michael Young Trade Rumors Once Again Connect Rangers, Rockies

It seems this is the story that doesn't want to end. About a week ago, Nolan Ryan declared that Michael Young would be the Rangers' Opening Day DH. One would think such a statement would be final, but then Ken Rosenthal came flying in out of left field and wrote the following:

The Rangers again are discussing a trade of Young to the Rockies – and according to one source, the talks have reached an advanced stage, and a deal could be in place as soon as Monday.

Now, Rosenthal goes on to write that, according to other sources, the Rangers are sending mixed messages. And Troy Renck writes that, according to a well-placed source, the Rockies and Rangers haven't yet re-opened discussions. But what's clear is that these rumors aren't quite as dead as Ryan suggested, as the Rockies like Young as a possibility, and the Rangers would like to shed as much of his contract as they can.

Following Renck's Twitter account, he thinks the Rangers would have to eat about $20 million of the $48 million remaining on Young's contract for a trade to go down. He also thinks that any trade would involve Jose Lopez, and no big league pitching. And finally, he thinks that a trade is a good possibility, as there's "motivation from a lot of parties." So while a deal isn't a slam dunk, it's a fit. There's a reason why these rumors are still kicking.

Young is currently in line to get the bulk of the Rangers' at bats at DH, but the acquisition of Mike Napoli could cut into his playing time. With the Rockies, he would serve as the regular second baseman. Young stands to acquire 10/5 rights in May - when he will have amassed ten years of big league service time - giving him full no-trade protection. So if a trade is to happen, the Rangers will want it to happen soon.