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Michael Young Requests Trade From Rangers, According To Report

All those Michael Young trade rumors that've been blowing around off and on for the past couple months have reached a new level of intensity, according to the Star-Telegram's Jeff Wilson:

Young informed the Rangers last week that he doesn't want to be a full-time designated hitter, baseball sources said Sunday, and wants to be traded.

Wilson goes on to write that the Rangers "have no plans to trade Young," but Yahoo!'s Tim Brown hears differently:

The Texas Rangers have told infielder Michael Young they will attempt to trade him in the coming days, according to a source familiar with those conversations, in part because Young has grown disillusioned with his diminished role on the team.

We can't know just how the Rangers are going to handle this delicate situation, but what's becoming increasingly evident is that Young isn't real thrilled with the way the offseason has gone. And if Young is already upset and voicing his displeasure, then that would make it easier - not easy, but easier - for the Rangers to trade him away. Rob Neyer said his piece on the matter earlier Monday morning.

If the Rangers are to move Young, they'll probably try to do it quickly, before Spring Training gets underway. The favorite to land Young, as always, is Colorado, but the Rockies would need Texas to eat a chunk of Young's salary, which could prove to be a hurdle. Ultimately, Young may end up staying right where he is.