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Michael Young Trade Request Confirmed By Rangers GM

Earlier, there were rumors that Michael Young had requested a trade from the Rangers. And now, courtesy of Jon Heyman, we've got confirmation. Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels has said that Young wants out, and that while "it's not [their] first choice," they'll try to accommodate Young's wishes.

It is worth noting that neither Daniels nor Nolan Ryan gave off the impression that a trade is on the verge of happening. Just because Young had a change of heart and wants out doesn't guarantee that the Rangers will find a partner willing to absorb most of his contract. Another potential hurdle is that Young's partial no-trade clause covers all but eight teams, although he could always choose to waive it.

So we'll see. Michael Young - face of the Rangers' franchise - no longer wants to play for the Rangers, and has requested a trade for the second time in two years. It's quite the change from what he said just last month:

For Young, the desire to remain with the Rangers is a larger factor than the desire to have things his own way.

"This is where I want to play," he said Wednesday in a teleconference. "I'm willing to make a pretty big sacrifice to do that."

Either Young'll get dealt, and things will be weird, or he won't get dealt, and things will be weirder.