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Surnacronyms Blow Up

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You never know when something's going to explode (which I know from reading the bestselling book, You Never Know When Something's Going to Explode).

Like baseball surnacronyms. When I first introduced them to th a few years ago, there were some comments but a few hours after posting the blog entry I forgot all about them.

Now, though? With Twitter and whatnot? Last week I reintroduced surnacronyms in this space and you guys killed in the comments and on Twitter. It's not easy, but I'll choose 10 favorites after the jump ...

Like I said, it's not easy. Anyway, here are just a few of my favorite baseball surnacronyms (and if you don't know what that means, go back and read the original post or keep reading and figure it out for yourself) ...

Heralded Angel Rekindles Earlier Numbers

Puts Up Just Obscenely Large Stats

Remarkable Athlete Is Not Enshrined, Sadly

Because Lederer Yelled Loud Enough, Victoriously Enshrined Now

Low Offensive Numbers Every Year (zing!)

Lineups And Reliever Usage Sometimes Stupify Analysts

Movement Of Legs Is Not Acceleration

Repeated Inward Veering Explains Rivals' Anemia

Hurler? Author? Yes! He's Underrated, Resourceful, Silly, Talented

Too much punctuation for a surnacronym? Yes. Brilliant, though? Yes, again.

Finally, for you historians out there, maybe my favorite of all:

A Lot Of Us