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Michael Young Trade Rumors: Rockies Lose Interest; Rangers May Be Out Of Options

We know that Michael Young has requested a trade from the Rangers. We know that the Rockies have had significant interest, and we know that the Rockies are also one of the eight teams not included on Young's partial no-trade list. If ever a team were going to trade for the unhappy 34-year-old veteran, it looked like it would be Colorado. Which means this news comes as a surprise:

Hearing this: A Major league source says Rockies are out on Young. Not sure if can be revived. But Rockies appear out on Young

Renck - writer for the Denver Post - goes on to Tweet that the Rockies "can't make it work," and that negotiations have been complicated by money and the Rangers' changing demands. The Rockies wanted the Rangers to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million of the $48 million remaining on Young's contract, which the Rangers don't want to do. And the Rangers have also apparently upped their asking price now that few bats remain on the market who could replace Young in the lineup. As you can imagine, that makes things difficult.

So, at least for now, the Rockies seem to be out. The Cardinals say they're not interested. The Twins aren't going to make a push. Of the eight, that leaves the Yankees, Padres, Astros, Angels, and Dodgers as possibilities, but nothing seems to be close. At this point, Young sticking with the Rangers is a very good and very awkward possibility.