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Ryan Braun Day-To-Day After Intercostal Strain

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The Brewers have already seen important players like Zack Greinke and Corey Hart end up injured this spring. The last thing they needed was for Ryan Braun to get hurt as well, but that's just what happened on Saturday, as Braun strained his intercostal muscles and had to come out of a game.

But, now there's good news. According to Michael Hunt:

Braun sent word through a Brewers PR guy that he was "fine."

Braun injured his left side while fielding balls during batting practice. While chasing after a fly, Braun hit the wall with his right side and landed on his left side. He decided to test it out and see if he could play, but after going after a foul ball he figured it didn't feel right, so he came out. More precautionary than anything else.

The Brewers are calling Braun day-to-day, and while they won't rush him back onto the field, it shouldn't be long before he's back to 100%.