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Too Early To Give Up On Orioles' Matt Wieters?

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The second part of a five-part Baseball Prospectus series listing the 50 most disappointing prospects (of all time!) includes Matt Wieters ... and Dempsey's Army runs some numbers and begs to differ. The Army's big finish ...

Expectations were sky-high for Wieter, no doubt. But he is still a catcher and the expectations have to be placed in context for his position. I still think Wieters will develop into a .800+ OPS hitter and he has plenty of time to do so. But even if he sticks "around for years", has a 10-year career as a league average hitter and a solid defensive catcher, is that one of 50 most disappointing prospects ever? No way.

And he certainly doesn't deserve that tag at age 24. Not on this planet.

"Disappointing" is highly subjective. The Baseball Prospectus crew is naturally disappointed in Wieters, considering they basically anointed him the new Johnny Bench two years ago. But as Dempsey's Army demonstrates, in terms of 24-year-old catchers he's done just fine and still figures to have a solid career. If not better.