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Baseball Questions We All Must Answer: Who Was The Most Diamond King Player Ever?

Introducing a new installment of Baseball Questions We All Must Answer. There are questions that, within our lifetimes, every baseball fan -- each one of us -- must account for. These questions are of utmost importance. This is one of those questions.

Who was the most Diamond King baseball player of all time?

If you ever collected baseball cards in the 1980s or '90s, you're probably familiar with "Diamond Kings," a subset of cards that were found in Donruss sets. They featured original artwork by Dick Perez, and they were pretty cool, really, but the criteria for inclusion were completely un-knownable. Frank Thomas and Cal Ripken were Diamond Kings... and so was Kurt Stillwell. What the hell?


You hit .304 once? DIAMOND KING. Wait, I was thinking of Kevin Seitzer. OH WELL YOU ARE DIAMOND KING ANYWAY.

I have no complaints, of course, because a freaking oil painting of Kurt freaking Stillwell commemorating him as a KING OF THE DIAMOND was, at eight years old, my first introduction to important concepts such as "kitsch" and "ironic humor."

But the question lingers: what is a Diamond King? My hope is that together, friends, we can glean a better understanding by collectively deciding who was the most Diamond King baseball player. I stress: we're not looking for the worst Diamond King baseball player. We're looking for the most Diamond King baseball player. The only constraint is that the player had to have been selected as a Diamond King at least once. Probably.

While you consider your answer, I highly encourage you to visit Dick Perez's online gallery of Diamond Kings, which is one of my favorite places on the entire Internet. When you have decided upon your answer, please leave it in the comments below or tweet me at @jon_bois.

Together, you and I will find an answer.

EDIT: Y'all have spoken. Here are your answers.