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Majors And Minors Renew Wedding Vows

Via The Biz of Baseball, news that Major League Baseball and the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues have signed a new six-year extension of the Professional Baseball Agreement (PBA) that covers all interactions between the majors and the minors ...

According to both MLB and MiLB, the extension continues many aspects of the previous contact, which was reached in 2005 and extended through 2014. Both parties will remain committed to ongoing efforts to improve player development, fan experience and the business stability of Minor League Baseball.

This is probably not good news. It's not like there was ever any danger of MLB and MiLB engaging in a nasty divorce or something. They obviously need each other, and frankly I don't know why they don't just merge, officially.

What's disappointing is that they're presumably continuing the same policies that result in many minor-league players earning salaries too paltry that they can't even afford to eat well. You'll know that progressive-minded people are running things when you hear that all professional baseball players are being paid living wages.