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PHOTOS: Brian Wilson Wears Spandex Tuxedo To ESPYs

Despised supervillain Brian Wilson defiled the ESPYs awards Wednesday night, clad in his traditional fiendish costume. Known as a San Francisco Giants baseball player by night and some days, by mid-evening he seeks confusing award shows to invade alongside his minions, none of whom has enough money for spandex tuxedos. They all have to wear regular tuxedos.

Via @espys:


And here's a close-up of the cruel horror in action, if you can handle it, via @paulpabst:


No, seriously, what is an ESPYs?

I should probably type some more stuff here about Brian Wilson being weird. His Giants baseball team is nominated for the Best Team award, which is given to the winner of a cross-sport tournament. You'd have to be an idiot not to bet on the Green Bay Packers, just because they have so many people. The Mavericks only have like 15.

Do you watch the ESPYs? What is an ESPYs?