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Tim McCarver's MLB All-Star Game Scorecard Is A Mess

We already know the MLB All-Star Game is a ridiculous spectacle that doesn't actually mean much, even if the powers that be tell us it does. It's an exhibition, with needless player substitutions and pitching changes all because of an "everyone plays" mentality more akin to Little League. And that's fine, the game is what it is.

But that's no excuse for what Tim McCarver did to his poor scorecard. We get it: There are a lot of changes that happen in the game. But these are changes that can be noted in the friendly, outlined areas of a scorecard. Instead, Tim McCarver did the following.


via Bubba Prog. Click the photo and zoom in to get a better look.

This, friends, is not a scorecard. This is, instead, a notecard masquerading as a scorecard. It is Tim McCarver's piece of scratch paper, and it goes above and beyond the bounds of a typical scorecard.

Think of the purity of the game! How could he desecrate the sacred ground that is a baseball scorecard, creating chaos where there was once order?

This is what the All-Star Game does to mere mortals. It drives them to insanity, rambling notes and color-coded factoids.