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Tony Phillips, Mike Marshall Brawl During Game Involving Jose Canseco's Team

At this point, I'm left to wonder why Jose Canseco is still allowed to have a baseball team and why the independent league he plays in exists. Canseco's team was already a sideshow, but turned violent as Tony Phillips -- that's 52-year-old World Series champion Tony Phillips -- got into it with an opponent. The video doesn't show what started the fight, but does show Phillips and Mike Marshall -- that's 51-year-old two-time World Series champion Mike Marshall -- going at it near third base. Moments later, both teams are involved and the fight is on.

Here's the video, which goes about how you'd expect it to (H/T Bomani Jones).

Phillips may face battery charges for the fight and both he and Marshall seem to be unhappy about the whole incident. It's a shock, I know.

Canseco weighed in on Twitter, because of course he did.

I pulled my team off the field fearing another fight would break out emotions were out of control. Ignorant haters comment on the fight last night .what do you think I did

I don't even know what to say about this league, but it sounds like a sad, sad situation wherein old guys try to hang onto their glory days and hit some "cookies," in Canseco's words.