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Billy Hamilton's Speed Should Be Illegal

This just isn't right. There's no way a baseball player should be moving this fast. Track? Sure. But Billy Hamilton has absolutely stupid speed.

And it was all on display this past weekend when he hit one of the more ridiculous inside-the-park home runs you'll see.

Sure, the right fielder dove for the ball and came up short. And the ball bounced towards the wall as the center fielder raced to retrieve it. But no matter: There was no catching Hamilton at all.

The Score had Hamilton's run at 13.8 seconds. That's 13.8 seconds to run 120 yards, rounding the bases in the process. Let that sink in a moment. It's stupid fast. And he eased up heading into home.

There are a few other things you should know about Hamilton (many of these come from Asher Kohn and Rodger Sherman)

  • He has 109 stolen bases in 87 games. The single-season record for organized baseball is 145, set in 1983. With 48 games left in the minor league season, that record is certainly in his sights.
  • Before he was promoted to AA Pensacola, Hamilton had 109 hits and 104 stolen bases. The number is now 113 hits to 109 stolen bases.
  • He has more stolen bases than any major league team. The Marlins are the closest with 86.
  • A left fielder lost a ball in the lights once. Hamilton made the catch for him ... on the warning track in left.
  • Hamilton tagged from third and scored on popouts twice (at least). Once on a pop-up to the second baseman, another time on one to the shortstop.
  • He's scored from third on a dropped third-strike and a roller to the pitcher this year.
  • In his AA debut, he stole second on a pitchout.
  • In high school, Hamilton tagged up and scored from second on a flyout to left field.
  • Hamilton was recruited by Mississippi State as a wide receiver before being lured away by his Reds' signing bonus. So yes, he does have bonafide SEC speed.
  • He has a career-best .411 OBP so far this year, walking in 12.8% of his plate appearances.
  • He made Eric Davis -- who is apparently just hanging out in the Pensacola Wahoos' dugout this summer whilst wearing a Reds jersey -- cluck his teeth and shake his head in awe. This is the same Eric Davis who stole 80 bags in 1986.
  • Instead of traveling with the team, Hamilton sprints from city to city and always beats the bus (may not be true).
So, basically, Billy Hamilton is the baseball version of the Most Interesting Man in the World. Yeah, he's in mid-level ball, but look at that speed. Don't blink. It's hypnotizing as heck.